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3 Steps To Load Management
Step 1 | Uploading A Document
• Email [automation email] a load document (Rate Con, BOL, Invoice, Lumper)

• Receive a text to access that document (login if its your first visit)

• Name the document, assign the document type, and click create new load (see next step)
Step 2 | Creating A Load
• Add the Origin and Final locations (State to State, city to city, zip to zip or Address Specific)

• Add optional load data like rates, dates, customer (you can always add more later)

• Click Book load! (or save as draft if your waiting for your rate con)
Step 3 | Close The Load
• Upload additional load documents by emailing them to [automation email] like you did in Step #1.

• Attach them to the load you created in Step #2.

• Click Save & Select “View Load” GIF

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